Machining Information

Machining Capacity of Finished Plastic Parts

Since 1984 our production of semi-finished products are continuously progressing together with production of finished parts. For that purpose our mechanical work shop is well equipped with necessary facilities including annealing,surface finish,sawing,milling,CNC turning. POLIMERSAN Workshop produces customer specific parts according to their recommendations for close tolerances. Offering the right material for customer design is also a part of machining process for full customer satisfaction..

Polimersan Workshop machining abilities & utilities

  • Sawing
  • Milling to close tolerances
  • CNC turning for excellence
  • Annealing and Stress relieving ovens
  • Surface finishing
  • Quality control

The finished parts quality is ensured by Quality Department before delivery to our precious customers for cutting edge excellence.

Our Engineering department will be glad to give all the necessary service to you for your project specific parts and offer you the best material selection and processing techniques as well as design of necessary parts. Please do not hesitate to contact us.