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Polyamide have very good mechanical properties, are particularly tough and have excellent sliding and wear characteristics. Excellent resistance (no attack) to oils, bases and THF good resistance (no attack) to solvents, formaldehyde and alcohols. Excellent material for machining; tough, strong, and impact resistant material; very low coefficient of friction; abrasion resistant. Applications; Moulding and extrusion compounds find many applications as replacements for metal parts, for instance in car engine components. Intake manifolds in nylon are tough, corrosion resistant, lighter and cheaper than aluminium (once tooling costs are covered) and offer better air flow due to a smooth internal bore instead of a rough cast one. Its self-lubricating properties make it useful for gears and bearings.Electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and toughness make nylon a good choice for high load parts in electrical applications as insulators, switch housings and the ubiquitous cable ties. Another major application is for power tool housings.

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Polipa DS

Properties of the Product

Technical Property Name Value Test Method
Density,SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1,13,g /cm³ DN 53479 & ISO 1183
Water Absorption (after 24/96 hours in 23 °C water) % 9 - 10,& DN 53495 & ISO 62
Service temperature, short term (4) 100,C°
Thermal Elongation 6 - 10,1/Kˉ⁵
Density,SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1,13,g /cm³
Water Absorption (after 24/96 hours in 23 °C water) % 9 - 10,&