Properties of the Product

Product Name:

25% Carbon-Filled PTFE

Product Information:

PTFE has good frictional properties including low wear rates and good elasticity. The carbon filler is brittle and has low wear properties. Both fail at high loads and increased velocities. When both elements are formulated and properly blended together, they become an extremely good material for use as seals and rings in the reciprocating compressor industry.

Data Sheet:


Properties of the Product

Technical Property Name Value Test Method
Density,SPECIFIC GRAVITY 2,06 - 2,1,g /cm3 ASTM D-1457-18
Thermal Expansion 8 - 11,10-5/0C
Thermal Conductivity 0,085,Kcal/cm.C. Hr.
Density,SPECIFIC GRAVITY 2,06 - 2,1,g /cm3