About Us

Polimersan A.Ş

Polimersan was founded in 1980 and it is a family owned company.

Polimersan is an Integrated Engineering Plastics Supplier mostly POM, PTFE, PA, PE and PP. Manufacturing methods are Extrusion, Dry-Molding, Ram-Extrusion, Automatic Molding, Surface Processing.

The Engineering Plastics which used to be imported before, are now manufactured by Polimersan at its own establishments with high quality reaching the world's standards and are presented to the services of both native and foreign customers by B2B activities in addition to company owned distribution network in Turkey ,USA and Europe.

Regarding its structural topics; Polimersan has the biggest capacity and market share in Europe and uninterruptedly continues its investments from its foundation date until now.

As Polimersan,  we will continue to present fast, uninterrupted and good quality service to our well-regarded customers by adding new products to our product range day after day.

Plant floor is 45.000 m2 on four separate facilities